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08.The Classic Lençóis hike Muritiba

Rio Serrano, Salão de Areias Coloridas, Poço Halley, Cachoeirinha, Cachoeira da Primavera e Mirante.

This tour can be done in half a day. The tour starts at Serrano, a local attraction of water holes and natural whirlpools that are surrounded by an interesting rock formation known as conglomerates. Next, you will tour Salão de Areias Coloridas, a large cave that contains various colors of sand. The next stop is Poço Halley, a beautiful pool and an ideal place for a swim. Following the river trail, you will come to Cachoeira da Primavera where nearby, you will arrive at a lookout point that provides a panoramic view of Lençóis. The last stop on the tour is Cachoeirinha, a small waterfall with a shallow pool.

Price per person:

English Guide  Português

1 pessoa…………R$ 487,00
2 pessoas………..R$ 277,00
3 pessoas………..R$ 207,00
4 pessoas………..R$ 177,00
5 pessoas………..R$ 167,00
6 pessoas………..R$ 157,00


Guia qualificado e capacitado, taxa de entrada no atrativo e seguro pessoal.

Departure time: 8:30/14:00 Return time: 12:30/17:00

5.0 KM (by foot)

Lençóis - National Park Chapada Diamantina

Level 1-2: Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. In some parts, hikers must use their hands to assist with short steep climbs. In other parts, the hike requires walking on rocks in the river bed

08:30 to 16:30

Swimming suit/bathing costume, sunscreen, hat, money, water, jacket and trekking shoes.