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10.Muritiba Park & Ribeirão do Meio waterslide

Parque do Muritiba & Ribeirão do Meio.

The tour starts at Serrano, a local attraction of water holes and natural whirlpools that is surrounded by interesting rock formations known as conglomerates. From here we enter into the Halls of Sand (Salão de Areias Coloridas), an open cave labyrinth with beautiful colored rocks. A bit more upriver you will discover the lovely pools of Poço Halley, an ideal place to take a refreshing bath. This location got named after the Komet Halley. Now we have a steep climb ahead of us before we reach the spring waterfall (Cachoeira da Primaveira). It’s just a bit more uphill until we reach a stunning viewpoint from where you can enjoy the panorama of the valley you just walked through and Lençóis in the distance. Heading back to Lençóis we will encounter the last attraction of this area, the photogenic Cachoeirinha waterfall with its hip deep natural pool.

Around midday we will reach the center of Lençóis where you can eat lunch at a restaurant or if you’d like we organize a Pick-nick lunch and find a nice spot in nature to enjoy our food in the middle of the Chapada Diamantina scenery. From Lençóis we walk through a wooded area at the river Ribeirão do Meio. Here, nestled in the woods, is a great natural water slide in the middle of the riverbed. Together we will go for this fun ride on the polished stones which leads us into a huge natural pool. A perfect spot to swim, cool down or just relax. Upon our way back to Lençóis we´ll stop at a juice and snack stand owned by a Garimpeiro (diamond prospector).

Price per person:

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1 pessoa……………R$ 637,00
2 pessoas………….R$ 357,00
3 pessoas………….R$ 297,00
4 pessoas………….R$ 237,00
5 pessoas………….R$ 227,00
6 pessoas………….R$ 217,00


Guia qualificado e capacitado, taxas de entradas nos atrativos, almoço e seguro pessoal.

Não Incluso: Serviços extras e bebidas.

Departure time : 08:30 am 8:30/14:00

Return time: 05:00 pm 12:30/17:00

11 km on foot

Lençóis - National Park Chapada Diamantina

Level 2: Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone is good physical condition. Suitable for all ages.

08:30 to 16:30

Swimming suit/bathing costume, sunscreen, hat, money, water, jacket, and trekking shoes.