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Fumaça Waterfall Tour

Cachoeira da Fumaça e Cachoeira do Riachinho, (Fumaça Waterfall, Riachinho Waterfall)

The tour starts in the Capão Valley near the Fumaça waterfall. The trail to the top of the waterfall is 6 km, the first two kilometres of which are particularly steep. The remainder of the trail is relatively easy. With a height of 380 m, Fumaça is considered the second highest waterfall in Brazil. The wind disperses the water into droplets that when hit by sunlight, form beautiful rainbows. Beyond that, the view of the canyon is truly unique, one reason this tour is worthwhile even if done during dry months (between June and December) when the waterfall runs empty. The tour ends with a swim in the Riachinho Waterfall, near the Valley of Capão.

Price per person:

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1 pessoa…………R$ 1.007,00
2 pessoas……….R$ 557,00
3 pessoas……….R$ 427,00
4 pessoas……….R$ 367,00
5 pessoas……….R$ 347,00
6 pessoas……….R$ 317,00

Departure Time: 8:30am Return Time: 6:30pm

Car 120km / 13km on foot

Palmeiras – National Park Chapada Diamantina

> Incluso no pacote:

Guia qualificado e capacitado, taxas de entradas nos atrativos, kit lanche, transporte e seguro pessoal.

Não Incluso: Serviços extras e bebidas.

Level 2-3: moderate to vigorous hike; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. Vigorous hike with steep ascent and descent

toilet facilities and a place to buy water are available.

swimming suit/bathing costume, sunscreen, hat, money, water, jacket, and trekking shoes